Step into the tea house…

Welcome to the virtual home of Phoenix Tea. We are a retail shop, and we provide free tastings to aid our customers in finding the teas they enjoy. If you’re in the neighborhood, visit our store and drink tea with us!

Phoenix Tea
902 SW 152nd Street
Burien, Washington 98166

We sell specialty teas from several origins throughout the world and present special tea-related demonstrations, classes, and experiences. Come in for a tasting or to peruse our selection of tea wares. Or, if you are unable to shop in person, visit our online store for our selection of teas and tea wares.

In addition to information about our business and about tea and tea culture, this site contains tidbits of information and pieces of art related to our symbol and mascot, the mythical phoenix, in its various incarnations throughout the world, including:

China: Fenghuang – 鳳凰
Egypt: Bennu
Greece: Phoenix – Φοῖνιξ
Hungary: Turul
India & Indonesia: Garuda – गरुड
Japan: hō-ō – 鳳凰 or fushichō – 不死鳥
Korea, Hangul – 봉황
Persia: Simurgh – سيمرغ
Russia: Zhar-Ptitsa – Жар-Птица
Vietnam: Phượng/Phụng Hoàng

Details and additional information on some of the products sold in our online store, Phoenix Tea Shop, can also be found here in the “Products” category. If you are looking for something special in terms of tea or tea ware, let us know and we’ll do our best to track it down for you.